You Are Why We Do What We Do

How You Helped Joyce Pierce Alchemies Become A Reality

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our jewelry, knows they are getting an eco-friendly, one of a kind piece of Joyce Pierce Alchemies jewelry worthy of gifting or spoiling themselves.

Joyce Pierce
CEO Joyce Pierce Alchemies

Before I created Joyce Pierce Alchemies, I did ok.

Then one day I realized I wanted to make jewelry, eco-friendly jewelry.
I was concerned that it would be difficult to make jewelry people would like and buy.

But then…

 I was inspired by other artists making eco-friendly products in my area. After a year of craft shows I narrowed my line. I realized people love affordable eco-friendly jewelry.

I decided to set out, to create the most authentic, eco-friendly and unique jewelry for the most discerning customers in the area.

It turnsout…
 the road was more difficult than I imagined. Etsy market place wasn’t the ideal place to sell. So I did research, not easy for a tech newbie. Took classes on different aspects of having an online business and started to implement Instagram and Pinterest.

Then I decided to build my own website,  (eek tech newbie here) for the sustainably conscious consumers.

Building a website during Covid-19 wasn’t always easy ( not being tech savvy) but I persevered and built my site for sustainably conscious consumers. I still feared customers wouldn’t find my site.

Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been pure love!